engineer | athlete | musician | sf bay area
My name is Emily, and I'm Bay Area born and bred. An undergraduate at UC Berkeley majoring in electrical engineering and computer sciences, I enjoy everything from bustling cities to majestic national parks, EDM to classical music, and photography to graphic design. I hold a steadfast belief in personal growth and being part of something greater than myself. So by the time I plan to graduate in 2020, and for the rest of my life, I want to be a kinder person, a more curious learner, and a stronger impact in technology and medicine.
programmer | web developer/designer | android developer
I have always loved learning, and I always will. This drive to succeed both in and out of school has brought me many unforgettable opportunities. My various, eclectic side projects spring from this drive. Feel free to check them out below!
golf | viola | photography | hiking
When I'm not studying or working on a project, I can be found satisfying some of my other interests. Though I love keeping up with the latest technology and wandering around cities, I also harbor an affinity for nature and the outdoors that I nurture from time to time. In addition, some of my most pleasant afternoons include sitting down at a piano and sight-reading new songs or listening to orchestras play majestic works of art.
I have been playing golf since 2009, and the sport has been vital to my self-growth. From playing in the middle school golf team to being 2-time captain of varsity in high school and competing in individual tournaments throughout those years, through golf I have learned to be patient and to work hard in everything I do. I took this picture at the beautiful Poppy Hills Golf Course at Pebble Beach, CA.
I was in 4th grade when I first picked up the viola and joined the elementary school orchestra. By 8th grade, I was principal of my junior high orchestra, and in 9th grade I joined California Youth Symphony (CYS), one of the best decisions of my high school career. Through CYS, I was immersed in magnificent music, traveled to 6 countries in Europe, and made friends for a lifetime. This is a picture of us playing a concert in Salzburg, Austria during our 2016 tour.
Whenever I travel somewhere new or see something aesthetic, I like to whip out my phone or camera and take a picture. I especially enjoy editing the pictures I've taken, including all the photos on this website. Here is a picture I took in Salzburg, Austria.
With the Mission Peak hiking trail very close to my house, I've been hiking since I was very little. I enjoy going to new hiking trails, campsites, and national parks to catch just a glimpse of the natural wonders that often elude us when we live in cities.